photo of a deer killed by Nolan Floydphoto of a deer killed by Nolan Floydphoto of a deer killed by Nolan Floyd

Hunter: Nolan Floyd

Points: 14 (8L, 6R)

County: Pulaski

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

My 25 year buck. I have been hunting for 25 years and have never shot a trophy buck. Friday November 8, 2019 was a perfect day to hunt. Not too cold or hot and very little wind. I got in “Ty’s stand” about 45 minutes before sunrise. I was on the Mulgahatchee Plantation owned by Mike Davis and his sons Lenny and Ty. Spent the whole morning seeing does and small bucks all the time grunting and watching and waiting. After a very short lunch I got back in the stand and was hoping for the best. There were two small 8-point bucks that were patrolling the area all day. Checking out every doe that came around. Every time I saw a buck, I just assumed it was one of them. Mike set the rule that only big 10-point or better should be shot. I have seen so few big bucks that I had been dreading trying to count the points If I ever saw one. Then about 5 that afternoon I saw a buck and assumed it was one of the deer that had been there about all day. When I looked closer I immediately knew that he was a trophy and that I did not even need to worry about counting anything. I just shot quickly before my nerves had time to mess up my shot or before he went after a doe close by or an 8-point that was right under my stand. He went through some thick stuff and made a turn onto a road and went up the road a couple hundred feet. I assumed he went straight into other thick stuff and I could not find him. I was not thinking very good after seeing and shooting such a deer. Not finding him at first was an awful feeling. Lenny got there about dark and found the blood trail and then the deer. Twenty-five years was a long time. Glad that’s over.
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