photo of a deer killed by Nicolas Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Nicolas Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Nicolas Warren

Hunter: Nicolas Warren

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I woke up late the morning of December 28, 2023 and was running way behind getting to my stand. I had not been hunting in a while and just really wanted to sit in the stand and check things out. I got in my ground blind at about 7:10 AM. I was immediately wrapped up in deer with 6 does in front of me. I had barely had time to get settled and get my bow up when he stepped out behind a doe. He took me by surprise because he was a large buck I had not seen before on cameras or while hunting. He came to about 40 yards and turned broadside. I took a shot and hit him low in mid-body. He ran about 250 yards and bedded down. I stayed in the blind and immediately called my father to come help me track the buck. He advised I just stay in my blind and wait. When he arrived we found blood and trailed for about 100 yards and then we lost the trail of blood. We called a friend with tracking dogs and when they were released they got right on the trail and jumped him up. The dogs made a big loop and chased him back toward our trucks. The dogs bayed him up and I made it to the dogs and had to shoot the deer again at about 30 yards in the bottom shoulder with my bow. The deer took off and ran about another 30 yards and bedded down and I had to shoot him again at about 10 yards with my bow.
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