photo of a deer killed by Nicolas Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Nicolas Warrenphoto of a deer killed by Nicolas Warren

Hunter: Nicolas Warren

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

My dad and I put up a ladder stand on the edge of a field just earlier the afternoon of November 14, 2019. My brother was hunting not far from me. We were texting back and forth, and he told me he was seeing a bunch of does and he was going to shoot one of them, which he did. About five minutes later, I started seeing some does, too. My original plan was to shoot a doe with my bow because a friend of ours had asked for some deer meat. I also brought my rifle in case I saw a big buck that I wasn't able to shoot with my bow. I sure am glad that I brought my rifle. I looked out again and there were about 10 does in the field, and I caught a glimpse of another deer coming out into the field from the nearby woods. I thought to myself ,"dang, that is a big deer." He started running some does in the field and that is when I caught a good look at his antlers. I knew he was legal and I readied myself for a shot. He finally got in range for me to shoot him at about 80 yards. I knew it was too far to shoot with my bow so I had to shoot my rifle free handed because I was hunting out of a bow stand. I took my time and shot and aimed right behind the shoulder and I once I shot I knew I hit him because he crumpled up and stumbled. I was watching him and reloaded my rifle. I watched him run back around the field from where he came from and then all of the sudden he just fell over. My brother called me because he heard the shot. My brother actually walked up to the deer before I got all of my stuff together to climb down. I told him I shot a good buck but I think he was totally shocked when he came to get me and walked up on the deer and it was twice as big as he thought it would be. When I walked up I couldn't believe it was a 9-point buck with such tall tines. I too thought it was twice as big as I thought it was when I shot it. This is the largest buck I have ever killed.
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