photo of a deer killed by Nick Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Nick Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Nick Wilson

Hunter: Nick Wilson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Barrow

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

The hunt started 1 week prior to me shooting him, I saw the buck while driving into my backyard, I knew I hadn’t seen him before and I noticed he had a bad leg. The next day I put up 2 cell cams in hopes to get a better picture of him. But I had decided to hunt also if the wind was right. I laid eyes on him Saturday evening in the stand after a long miserable day of fishing on Jackson. He never would get any closer than about 45 yards. Fast forward to Wednesday evening my camera goes off and it’s him in the daylight. I knew he was still around and was hopeful to get a chance, the next day after work I had a very limited time to sit but it paid off. After seeing 2 limits of squirrels running around like elephants I heard him coming in behind me. He was very noticeable walking with that bad leg. He managed to work a scrape about 20 yards away and then he turned and started to walk, and then stopped in the perfect opening, I let my arrow fly and it found its mark. He piled up a short 40 yards later.
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