photo of a deer killed by Nick Utleyphoto of a deer killed by Nick Utleyphoto of a deer killed by Nick Utley

Hunter: Nick Utley

Points: 12 (5L, 7R)

County: Tift

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I go to school in Birmingham, Alabama. I drove home to Tifton from Birmingham on the morning of October 17. When I got home, I went behind my house and hung a stand so that I could hunt that evening. Before hanging my stand, I noticed that there was a lot of deer sign and that bucks were using the area — many rubs and scrapes. There was also a deer trail that I noticed that looked like many deer had been using. I hung my stand in a tree 20 yards away from that deer trail. I got into the stand around 4:00 that evening. I had four does come out early and watched them for a while. Later that evening, I heard some deer running behind me and what sounded like grunting. Within seconds, I had two does come out from the trail I hung my stand over. The does kept looking back into the woods. A few minutes later, I saw the buck that I ended up shooting. The buck walked down the deer trail that I hung my stand over. He read the script perfect and gave me a 20-yard, slightly quartered-away shot. Once I let the arrow go, I knew it was a perfect shot. The deer ran 50 yards and I saw him crash.
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