photo of a deer killed by Nick Murphyphoto of a deer killed by Nick Murphyphoto of a deer killed by Nick Murphy

Hunter: Nick Murphy

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Thomas

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

My dad and nephew had been sending me pictures of this deer all season, I told them they better kill him before I got the chance to come down from college to hunt for him. I left work early on Friday and drove down from Atlanta to get my climber on a tree and scout the area where I thought he would be hanging out. I hiked deep into our property to an area that has been untouched for years due to how hard it is to access. I was in disbelief of how much buck sign I saw. I hung my climber on a big cypress and scraped out a few mock scrapes to put my Phillips Outdoors scents in the next morning. Saturday morning I waited until it was just daylight enough to hike in without using a flashlight, poured my scents in the scrapes I had made and climbed the tree, 20 minutes later he chased a doe right by me. He stopped and gave me a perfect 20-yard shot. Twenty minutes into my first hunt for this deer and it was over. Still can't believe how perfectly it played out. My dad shot a doe a little later so we had a lot of dragging to do!
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