photo of a deer killed by Nathan Morganphoto of a deer killed by Nathan Morganphoto of a deer killed by Nathan Morgan

Hunter: Nathan Morgan

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Floyd

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Well this spot is my honey hole on the WMA. I haven’t hunted it at all this year, so this was my first sit. Jumped a couple of does walking to my tree and saw a bunch of scrapes. It was extremely foggy this morning so seeing a long distance wasn’t an option. Squirrels running everywhere. A beautiful morning to be in the woods. I had been using my grunt call and can call trying to mimic some action going on. Well around 10:45 I stood up to stretch. As I was standing there, I looked over to my right and there he was. Never heard him. Before I could even grab my bow he looked straight at me and I thought it was over. Well he dropped his head and started walking, as I grabbed my bow he looked at me again. The whole time I’m telling myself he’s gonna run. Well he kept walking, and as he got behind a tree, I drew back and at 31 yards let the arrow fly. I rushed my shot and gut shot him. My worst fear! Well as I watched him walk away slowly still shaking I started searching for a tracker. Once he was gone out of sight I climbed down and got out of there I didn’t want to push him. He still went 760 yards! But hey I got my buck!!
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