photo of a deer killed by Nathan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Nathan Masonphoto of a deer killed by Nathan Mason

Hunter: Nathan Mason

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I got in the stand about 30 minutes before sunrise. Around 8:15 I had 4 does come down a road to my left to with 15 yards. I was hunting on the edge of a pine/hardwood thicket, and there was a sizable scrape a few yards in front of me. The biggest doe actually went over to investigate the scrape and stood in it and was licking an overhanging branch. They eventually worked their way up a hill behind me and out of sight. All went quiet until 10:00. That’s when I heard grunting and a deer running down the ridge behind me. I turned in time to see a fairly sizable rack skirting through the woods, heading in the direction in which the does went earlier. I grunted a few times to see if that buck would eventually come back around. At this point I decided to sit all day if I had to. At approximately 11:45, after a second round of me using my grunt tube, I heard what sounded like another deer charging in. It was this buck. I thought he was heading up the hill behind me to my right so, I stood up and steadied my rifle in the direction I thought he was. Suddenly I looked down and this 8-pointer was directly underneath me. I got an itchy trigger finger and shot him basically point blank in the top of the shoulder. He took off back in the direction in which he came and I had to act fast. The second shot anchored him dead in his tracks. After calling for help to load him in the truck I took him to the processor. He weighed in at 205 pounds.
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