photo of a deer killed by Nate Presleyphoto of a deer killed by Nate Presleyphoto of a deer killed by Nate Presley

Hunter: Nate Presley

Points: 8 (5L, 3R)

County: Lamar

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My dad and I climbed in our favorite ground blind about 3:45 in hopes of getting a deer for the freezer. At 4:30 a big doe trotted out on the gas line and my dad said to shoot her. When she fell in the edge of the woods we noticed a big-bodied deer come in behind her. In hopes of it being a shooter buck, we sat for another 30 minutes to see if he would step out. Nothing happened so we headed to find my doe before dark. As we were approaching the doe we heard a deer blow just above the doe. We froze and waited to see if it was by chance the buck we thought we saw. Dad grunted and the buck stepped out about 70 yards away exactly where we last saw the doe. The buck jumped back in the woods and we could hear two other deer to the left of where the buck was standing. Dad starts shaking a small tree and scraping the ground to mimic a buck making a rub and grunting. Then he did a grunt, snort wheeze and let it get quiet. About a minute later the buck stepped out with his ears laid back and walking stiffed leg. Dad said to take him when I was ready. When I shot we watched the big buck run into trees and heard him crash about 50 yards away and before we could move a second buck stepped out and eased across the gas line.
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