photo of a deer killed by Nate Dallasphoto of a deer killed by Nate Dallasphoto of a deer killed by Nate Dallas

Hunter: Nate Dallas

Points: 10 (4L, 6R)

County: Early

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I monitored pictures of this deer as he grew in early velvet. He was hanging out with several big bucks. Hogs moved into the area before the season opener and several of the mature bucks moved out. When the peanuts nearby were overturned, I anticipated that the hogs would focus their attention on the new crop, and that some of the deer would soon return. I waited for an afternoon with the correct wind for the stand setup and climbed the tree. This buck showed up alone, but never gave me a full look at his rack. I knew from body size and beams that he was one of the several mature deer in the original group, but I could not determine which one. I waited for a better look, but he never offered a clear view. He slowly meandered away as the sun went down. In heart-pounding desperation, I hastily came down my ladder to try to acquire a shot window. Luckily, I managing to range him and connect a 43 yard shot at last light before he stepped out of sight. He was recovered within 100 yards. Please check out my guide for Georgia whitetail hunting, Peach State Precision.
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