photo of a deer killed by Mya Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Mya Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Mya Hamby

Hunter: Mya Hamby

Points: 4 (2L, 2R)

County: Carroll

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 4)

Hunt Story

Mya and I got settled into our blind at 4:00. It had just stopped raining and the wind was blowing pretty hard at times. We figured it would be right at dark before the deer started showing up, so we made the best of our down time. As light—and our hopes of getting her first buck—faded, I spotted movement in the back corner of the food plot. I could clearly see that it was a buck. He made his way into the food plot and began to feed. As the buck turned and presented a 50-yard, broadside shot, I told Mya to go ahead and take the shot. She squeezed off a shot and sent a 55 grain Barnes TSX through both shoulders. I knew the buck was hit hard as I could see him struggling to keep his front legs underneath him as he fled the plot. We gave the deer 30 minutes to lay and then went to find a blood trail. It started out kind of sparse and hard to see on the soaking wet ground cover, but as the deer turned and ran down hill, the blood trail got really heavy. I eventually saw that white belly up ahead. What a sight! God answered my little girl's prayers and rewarded her with a great first buck.
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