photo of a deer killed by Morgan Abercrombiephoto of a deer killed by Morgan Abercrombiephoto of a deer killed by Morgan Abercrombie

Hunter: Morgan Abercrombie

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Morgan asked to tag along with me and my son Nathan whom entered his deer earlier this month. We decided to go to some property we hunt in Jasper County. We sat in a box Saturday morning and were glad we did the wind was really bad. We didn't see any deer this morning. We left the property about 11:00 to get some lunch. She was real tired and beat from the wind and mentioned wanting to go to the house several times. While we were eating lunch the wind began to lay down and she decided she would try to sit through the evening hunt. We returned to a different shooting house around 2:30. We began to see deer easing into the food plots around 4:00. She was getting excited, we had picked out a big doe and had been waiting for it to get in range. She was still hoping to shoot a buck. Then all the sudden we had a spike come in that started bothering the does, then while we were watching this we noticed a few does watching the the edge of the wood line, and what we thought was an eight walked out. She called dibs on him, and then a long wait began she had to be very patient. He did come straight to us. He was following the does, and they were just grazing across the food plots taking there time. He finally got with in 100 yards she was taking aim. She said he is broadside and I am taking the shot. The gun went off, scared all three of us. The buck took his last step dropped in his tracks. She was scared and excited. We are proud of her and she got her Christmas wish.
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