photo of a deer killed by Mitchell Wingatephoto of a deer killed by Mitchell Wingatephoto of a deer killed by Mitchell Wingate

Hunter: Mitchell Wingate

Points: 17 (13L, 4R)

County: Worth

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I had seen this buck six times on the trail camera, all during the dead of night. Not once had I seen him from my stand until November 2nd; the first time I took my girlfriend hunting with me. As it turns out, he got lucky that afternoon due to another young buck pushing his doe off that he was trailing into the pines unexpectedly. I hunted several more times by myself in the coming days, but no signs of the big buck. Then on November 9th, one week later with another hurricane heading towards Florida, our schedules worked out so we could try our luck again on this special buck. We ended having some things happen that slowed us down getting to the stand and ended up not getting there until around 5. As we got in the stand we saw a doe. I ended up using my grunt call a couple of times around 5 minutes later. Then after about 10 more minutes of sitting there the unexpected happened and this buck which I've been hunting all season walks out. He was moving quick and by the time I got my sights on him he was getting close to being out of sight. I let out a grunt with my mouth and he stops around 150 yards away and a take my shot. He instantly drops in his tracks.
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