photo of a deer killed by Misty Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Misty Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Misty Hamby

Hunter: Misty Hamby

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Bartow

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Told by Husband: I was getting ready for work and walked to our double doors and saw the fields covered in frost. I thought to myself, what a morning it would be to be hunting. I had been trying to get my wife on a good buck this year, but didn't hunt our home place. I had turned my dogs out that morning and they had wandered down the road, so I hopped in the truck to go retrieve them. With no luck, I walked back in the house and walked through the living room, when I looked out the double door I saw a deer. I stopped and backed up and he picked his head up. I hollered, "good lord Misty (Wife) come here quick." I ran into the bedroom to grab a rifle. I noticed it was empty and my regular rifle was in the truck with my shells. Thankfully I remembered I had one loose shell laying in a bowl on my kitchen table. I quickly grabbed it and put it in and closed the bolt. I hollered, "come on" to my wife as the buck was standing in the same place starring down toward the creek, where I assume must have been a doe. I slid out on the porch rail and out him in the scope, cranking the magnification up so it'd be ready for her. She urged me to go ahead, and I said NO come on I want you to shoot him. The buck moved behind some brush and I eased off the porch to my pasture gate corner post. I looked back to see where she was and began waving for her to come on! She quickly put a jacket on and caught up to me. I gave her the gun and got him in the scope. He started going dead away from us, so I told her get ready! I hollered, HEY!! He kept trotting toward the creek. In a last effort I hollered again, HEY!!! He stopped and looked over his shoulder and I told her to kill him. She hammered down and I watched the buck bow up, knowing that she hit him. He ran toward the wood line and turned to go up it and disappeared behind a tree. I assumed he had gotten out of sight. So we gave him some time and I went down to start looking. He had only made it 50 yards and piled up on the edge of the creek. Her biggest buck to date had hit the ground. Super proud of her and enjoy the times and memories we make together in the woods. My 4-year-old boy got to watch the entire thing from the window.
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