photo of a deer killed by Mike Presleyphoto of a deer killed by Mike Presleyphoto of a deer killed by Mike Presley

Hunter: Mike Presley

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Lamar

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

A two-year quest for this deer came to a beautiful conclusion Friday evening. This one is bitter sweet since the passing of my best hunting buddy just before turkey season. We named this deer Lefty and worked hard to pinpoint him after he vanished just before bow season last year. The season closed with no sightings or trail cam pictures of Lefty. As time passed following the passing of my best friend a welcomed distraction showed himself on the same camera as last summer, Lefty. Over the next several weeks, Lefty and another nice 10 would visit the pears and corn twice each day. Two days prior to archery season he disappeared yet again. After catching a glimpse of a big-bodied deer passing about 80 yards below my stand I went to investigate. I found several white oaks dropping acorns mixed in with muscadines, and every tree within 30 yards of the oaks had a rub. I set up just off the hottest tree and placed a trail camera. Lefty showed up three days later just before dark and at the same time the fourth day. On Friday (day 5) my work day was cut short due to a gas main leak, and of course I made a beeline for the house to shower and hopefully get the opportunity at the big buck. Guess Josh was looking out for me from up above and sent Lefty my way. After what seemed a lifetime Lefty turned broadside at 17 yards. Thanks buddy, miss our time together in God's creation chasing these awesome creatures. Personal best with my bow.
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