photo of a deer killed by Mike Bradberryphoto of a deer killed by Mike Bradberryphoto of a deer killed by Mike Bradberry

Hunter: Mike Bradberry

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I set my stand Friday eve on an area of our property that I had scouted during muzzleloader season. That evening I saw a doe and another deer that I could not tell what it was. As Saturday morning was expected to be much cooler, I had high hopes for the next day. I climbed my tree just before legal light and waited. Around 8 o'clock a spike drifted by my stand. My brother in law had texted about seeing a 4-point already also. Shortly before 9:30 a doe came out of some thick cover, and as I watched her browse I turned her way and readied my rifle. Sure enough 30 yards behind and 30 yards further out came an 8-point. I took a shot and he ran straight up at me, I reloaded and fired again as he come by my tree. He ended up in a thicket between two skidder roads where I could see him thru and watched him crash. I climbed down and went straight to him about 50 yards away. Maybe the craziest part was when we went back for an evening hunt I decided to go explore where he had come from, as this is the first season we have leased this property and have not fully seen it all. As I walked along our property line I found a complete set of sheds from an 8-point, I tucked them in my belt and continued on. When my brother in law and I left I showed them to him and he commented that they belonged to my deer. I can't be 100 percent certain, but when we compared them back at camp they match very closely only a little smaller. They may not have belonged to him, but I have never found a complete set of sheds and I believe the good Lord allowed me a little bonus to go with the beautiful animal he had given me that morning.
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