photo of a deer killed by Michael Stricklandphoto of a deer killed by Michael Stricklandphoto of a deer killed by Michael Strickland

Hunter: Michael Strickland

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Lee

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I have been watching several big deer on my farm all summer. But this one 8-point seemed to grow extremely faster than the others and had very impressive main beams. I have killed several other big bucks on this property but nothing with the mass and main beam length that this buck had. I've got several trail cameras scattered across my farm, but this particular buck seemed to feed in one spot and didn't move very far. As season opener was approaching, I got aggressive with my cameras to locate the deer bedding area, being really careful not to push him. His pattern was consistent, he fed at the same time everyday morning and evening. So, I thought I would have a pretty good chance come opening morning. I woke up opening morning with rain, temperatures, and winds not in my favor, but the anticipation was killing me, so I went against my better judgment, and it all paid off. I got to my stand around 5:45am to keep from blowing deer out. I sat in the rain for about an hour and debated going back to the house. Just as I was getting ready to pack up one of my other target deer walked into my set and following shortly after was the big 8. I lowered my cross hairs from my Raven Crossbow and squeezed off a shot, there were several other deer in the field, they all scattered and really couldn't tell where he went. So, I waited about 30 minutes before I walked over to where the deer were standing when I fired my shot. As soon as I approached the spot, I knew the Mega Meat Broad Head had done its job. There was blood everywhere. I tracked him though one bottom back up into a pine flat, probably around 75 yards from where I shot, he lay dead. I want to say thanks to Outfitters Warehouse for supplying Booner Blend Protein it has really made a difference in size and antler growth.
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