photo of a deer killed by Michael Simpsonphoto of a deer killed by Michael Simpsonphoto of a deer killed by Michael Simpson

Hunter: Michael Simpson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Colquitt

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I saw this deer Monday morning and was clumsily bumping the stand with him 15 yards away and he trotted off behind some trees, wasn't able to get a shot. I have watched this deer over the years mature into a 6 1/2-year-old trophy. I crawled into the cozy tower stand on the 8-acre food plot the next morning knowing there would be deer grazing in it, but I made it without spooking anyone. I sat there enjoying the stars and the Heavens waiting for day to break. Once it got light enough, I could see with the binoculars. I could see there were two deer that dwarfed every deer in the plot. I said a little prayer hoping they would stay until it got light enough to see good. Once I had good light, I looked at the deer some 225 yards away with one being behind a tree. I could see this one in the open was one of my target bucks, which my daughter had named Boomer. I picked up my rifle and waiting for him to offer a perfect shot presentation at 225+ yards. He turned broadside and looked dead at me, at which time I shot him in the left front shoulder. He ran about 60 yards, pilling up in the woods. There were a bunch of deer in the food plot when I shot, they raised their heads and then went back to grazing. I sat there and watched deer until 9:30. I called a neighbor and good friend to help recover the deer when I got down, and then it was on. This deer was huge. Not until he was weighed at the processor at 295 pounds did I realize just how big. Never seen a deer this size since the 70s. At my age and wall full of trophies, I still enjoy the hunt and God's great creations that we are stewards of to nurture and grow.
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