photo of a deer killed by Michael Jordanphoto of a deer killed by Michael Jordanphoto of a deer killed by Michael Jordan

Hunter: Michael Jordan

Points: 12 (5L, 7R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

We have cameras strategically located through out our property on our 100-acre track on Hog Crawl Creek in Dooly County. My buddy Terry Phillips and I were able use the data captured to pattern this buck's movements to two preferred travel routes. My hunting buddy took one location and I took the other. After settling in our stand called the widow maker, because of the jagged hanging limb high up over your head at the very the top of the old pine tree. The truth is the limb fell down years ago but the name stuck. I waited 15 minutes after getting in stand for the woods to relax. I went to work calling in the buck. I called him with a grunt and rubbing two thick tree limbs together to simulate a buck rubbing a tree. Repeated the process at 15 minutes intervals. About an hour before dark, about 80 yards, he came out looking for the invader. I am sure he thought the sight of him scared the inferior buck away. He quickly moved to service a scrape. Satisfied with his work he moved away following the scrape line. I grunted - he stopped and turned sideways and offered me a good shot. The 45 caliber smoke filled the air that completely covered me. After a minuted the smoke dissipated enough that I could see. Nothing on the ground. After about 20 minutes I went to investigate the scene, the blood and bone in the scrape told me everything I needed to know. About 40 yards away was my 12-pointer. A text-book buck hunt-
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