photo of a deer killed by Michael Evansphoto of a deer killed by Michael Evansphoto of a deer killed by Michael Evans

Hunter: Michael Evans

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had a huge 8-pointer that I was targeting that was coming to these white oaks regularly, but only when I was not there. On this day the wind was squirrelly, but it was the last time I could hunt for the next several days so I stayed in the stand even after a young doe smelled me. I had seen that doe every time I had hunted here as well as a couple other smaller bucks. I had already decided that if "my" buck showed up I would take the first available shot. At 5:30 I went ahead and got up and ready. At 6 he appeared in the thick cover and I struggled to find a hole to shoot through. As I leaned backwards I was able to get a clear shot, but when I leaned back a little more I almost lost my balance and accidentally released the arrow as I tried to catch my balance again. I hit him further back than I was hoping. I first got a neighbor to help me look while it was still light. We found good blood 30 yards down the trail, but it became less and less the further we looked. I elected to back out and get a friend to come look the next day with his dogs. Unfortunately I had to carry mail the next day, but Chuck Cumber came out as soon as he could and found the deer about 100 yards past where we stopped (200 yards total) While this was a mature deer that I probably would have shot, it turned out to not be the big 8 I was after. That means I still have him (and a couple more) out there to be able to fill my 2nd tag.
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