photo of a deer killed by Michael Dukesphoto of a deer killed by Michael Dukesphoto of a deer killed by Michael Dukes

Hunter: Michael Dukes

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Laurens

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I decided to head down to an oak flat on top of a ridge that has white and pin oaks dropping. I knew of several does feeding in that area from the game camera I have set up there. After 6:00 pm, I noticed a bobcat coming up the flat headed my way. I was thinking, wow that would make a beautiful mount in my great room if it was the correct season. I placed the scope on him just to say "got ya." Suddenly, I heard leaves moving with a pouncing sound coming up the ridge headed my way. All of a sudden, a doe was on the top of the ridge in the thick part of the oak trees to my left. Then, there he comes running her way. He chased her three times up and down the side of that ridge. I followed him through scope within the thicket seeing him between the trunk of the trees not sure if he was a shooter. The doe decided to turn right causing the buck to move in front of me about 100 yards. He stopped in my shooting lane and looked my way. My heart pounced up to my throat as I saw how wonderful of a buck he is. I place the crosshairs on the correct spot and down he went. I am so blessed to have harvested a 229-pound 11-point with split brows, a kicker off his G2 and a 20 1/2 inch spread. A day I will always remember.
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