photo of a deer killed by Michael Cranephoto of a deer killed by Michael Cranephoto of a deer killed by Michael Crane

Hunter: Michael Crane

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Wilkes

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

On this family tree farm, there’s several 15 foot wide logging roads. This particular logging road runs in the middle of two thickets with a hardwood bottom which I’ve hunted for years with known buck activity. This particular morning though was crazy. At approximately 7:10 a large mature buck crossed the road without stopping. I felt that I just let a giant slip through my fingers, so out of instinct or dumbness I grabbed my grunt call & as quitely as I could fast walked 200 yards close to where the buck crossed. I started grunting in hopes of turning the buck around for a better look at him. I waited a few minutes then decided to return to my chair. I grunted every few steps back to my chair. Upon arrival only a second after I sat back down this buck appeared in the road. Immediately I yelled at him so he would stop, so I could hopefully get a shot. My yell stopped him in his tracks, still I was unsure of his antler size but I knew he was a mature whitetail based on his body. My shot dropped him where he stood. After about 30 minutes I walked up to him & realized he was a once in a lifetime buck. Massive, Thick, 19” inside Main frame 8 point with a 2” kicker off his left base & a 8” drop tine. I’m very Blessed
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