photo of a deer killed by Michael Bellewphoto of a deer killed by Michael Bellewphoto of a deer killed by Michael Bellew

Hunter: Michael Bellew

Points: 12 (5L, 7R)

County: Macon

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I started my AM off by taking my son to school. After dropping him off, I begin texting guys that have been hunting in the area to let them know I would be slipping in late for a midday hunt. Once I arrived at club at 08:40 I unloaded my cart and begin driving slowly to my location. I arrived without spooking any deer while driving in, so I begin slowly walking to my stand. On my way in I pushed a couple of deer off that looked to be does, I just slowly used terrain in my favor not to spook anything else that maybe in the area. Once I made it to stand location I slowly climbed in and hoisted my bow up and placed it on bow hanger and started un packing my fanny pack for the midday hunt when I heard a noise and a grunt in the distance. I slowly turned and locked my eyes on this Monarch. I had to quickly nock an arrow on my bow string and grab my grunt call because he was wasting no time moving through the area, so I made a couple of grunts at him and he stopped. Once I saw his demeanor I immediately made a snort wheeze call to this buck with my mouth, he begin walking straight toward me. As he closed the distance to 25 yards, I came to full draw, and this is when the waiting game begin. The buck stopped and begin surveying the area facing me and not offering a shot. I am still at full draw and at this point it seemed like an eternity when he slowly started to quarter toward me with a couple evergreens in my way of any vitals. My body is telling to me to give up, but I had to stay calm and continue to hold. Then the buck took three steps and I found a very small opening to release my arrow, and the sound of the RAGE cracking the cage was so worthwhile. I watched the buck turned and run off and stop, then start walking slowly next to slough. Then I heard a crash in the slough that was full of water. I waited cautiously just to give the deer time. When I got down and recovered my arrow, I began texting friends to give them the news before even putting my hands on him. I just want to Thank GOD for this opportunity.
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