photo of a deer killed by Merle Morganphoto of a deer killed by Merle Morganphoto of a deer killed by Merle Morgan

Hunter: Merle Morgan

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Crawford

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 10)

Hunt Story

Now, being retired, I have focused a little more time on my deer hunts. I have used this stand prior and had been a fairly productive spot for evening hunts in the past years. The stand was located with a creek to my back and a small clearing in front of me, then a fairly dense thicket beyond that. The scrapes and rubs also located within the area that I take to walk in to this stand. Knowing of the activity for the area, and this morning being one of the first "real cold" weather days we have had yet, I came to the conclusion to use this stand today. I thought hard Saturday while I waited out the windy night there in our "bunk house" on our club property. I had not been in my stand more than 10 minutes before I had heard a noise to my right, thinking it was just another "pesky ol' armadillo", I shrugged off the thought of it being a deer. But then I heard a distinctive "chomping of acorns or roughage sound ," so I decided to take an ever-so-slow turn to look, and there he was. Praying he would not come in behind me and down into the creek, I kept a close eye and then, as I was praying that he would do, he started his angle in front of my stand in front of the thickets. At about only 40 yards, a proper lung shot, the deer only went about another 40 yards before he dropped. I thanked the Good Lord for my harvest, and then .... that's when the real work started! Thank you gentlemen for letting me tell my story! It's been a while since I had sent anything to GON. Back in 1987 I had a 19-point Non-Typical that scored in the Whitetail Journal at 172 6/8 B&C points taken in Crawford County as well. I still enjoy going back and reading the old article from the "paper addition" that your office first started printing. Still happy and pleased with all the articles that I read now !! Merle Morgan, Macon, GA.
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