photo of a deer killed by Matthew Stephensphoto of a deer killed by Matthew Stephensphoto of a deer killed by Matthew Stephens

Hunter: Matthew Stephens

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Barrow

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I obtained permission from the landowner during the middle of last year's deer season. I was blessed, because he told me to treat it as my own and whatever I needed to let him know. At the end of the season I asked him if I could plant a food plot and he told me absolutely. I started cutting down trees clearing my area. I restarted my project of making a food plant in the beginning of June and worked countless hours preparing it. I ran a camera all summer long and to my surprise I wasn’t getting any buck pictures. I was late getting the seed in the ground due to work, kids, etc. I finally got the seed in the ground in the beginning of October and still had not received a picture of any bucks. I stayed out and didn’t hunt there until one Sunday in the beginning of November. My boy and I saw five does that evening. During the middle of that night is when this buck started appearing. He was the only mature buck I was getting pictures of. And to my surprise he was showing up in daylight hours. I hunted there a few more times in hopes to harvest the buck and came out empty. On Tuesday Nov. 10th I had daylight pictures of this buck three different times in shooting light. So I decided I was going to do an all-day hunt Wednesday the 11th rain or shine. After sitting all day, he finally came out around 5:30 trailing a doe, and I was successful in harvesting this beautiful 10-point.
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