photo of a deer killed by Matt Moorephoto of a deer killed by Matt Moorephoto of a deer killed by Matt Moore

Hunter: Matt Moore

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dade

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My family and I got up around 5:30 on Saturday Oct. 22 to start our annual deer season. On my way to my stand, I went one way and my Dad and younger brothers went the other. As I walked on, I found my stand right at daybreak. Climbed in and settled in. After being in the stand about 30 minutes, everything came to light! I was about to text my Dad and ask if he had made it to the stand with my little brother, when I heard a loud blow/snort, I looked back wondering if it was bigfoot because it did it twice and it was so loud my Dad heard it at his stand. Right then I caught sight of antlers and I thought it was an 8-point. I got my gun ready in a hurry. He started to run and I had to lead the shot, and then BOOM, I shot and he ran off with his tail tucked. I had to sit and calm down, while I was sitting I texted my Mom and My Dad that I had got a MONSTER!!! I then climbed down and followed the blood until I found him. Then I noticed he was a 10-pointer and I really got excited then. So I field dressed him, and while I was knelt down I began to Give God thanks for providing me with my 7th deer and 1st ever BUCK. My Grandpa who is 83 and was an avid hunter his whole life was so proud of me when we got home. He said my kill made him prouder than any kill he had ever taken.
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