photo of a deer killed by Matt Macarteephoto of a deer killed by Matt Macarteephoto of a deer killed by Matt Macartee

Hunter: Matt Macartee

Points: 16 (8L, 8R)

County: Jones

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I have been hunting for this deer for several years. He became well known to several hunters in the surrounding area and myself. He posed for pictures on many game cameras in the area. He was referred to as "Big Boy." This particular afternoon, I decided to take a couple of hours of vacation leave to hunt. It was a perfect evening.... blue sky, calm winds, and cool temperatures. After 15 minutes in my stand, I began to see does moving early. I had a good feeling that everything was falling into place for a good hunt. At approximately 5:00 pm, I saw a doe steadily walking my way. I then saw movement about 20-30 yards behind her and there stood "Big Boy." He stood and stared for about 5 minutes or so. It seemed like an eternity. I knew this was a big deer but was not sure it was "Big Boy." He moved to an opening for a shot and I took him. I cannot describe the excitement when I walked up to him and realized it was the deer I had been getting pictures of and hunting for several years. What a reward!!! I plant my fields and feed the deer for the entire year. I love to see the deer each day because it reminds me of God's delicate creations that he has provided for us. All 3 of my children have taken a trophy buck on our 28-acre farm, and we all now just hunt for trophies. I receive more enjoyment experiencing my children's hunting success. However, I must say that this evening was a memory and buck of a lifetime. We allow many bucks to walk that are considered trophies to many. However, this is proof that letting small bucks walk pays off and that you can manage a small tract of land and reap the rewards. Deer description: 16 scorable points (8 on each side). Triple brow tines on each beam. The deer weighed approximately 200 lbs. (Did not have it officially weighed). County of Kill: Jones
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