photo of a deer killed by Matt Kellerphoto of a deer killed by Matt Kellerphoto of a deer killed by Matt Keller

Hunter: Matt Keller

Points: 16 (8L, 8R)

County: De Kalb

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I secured a new spot to hunt mid October and immediately had him on camera. First sit i had him at 30 yards but no shot. I spent 2 months playing cat and mouse with him, trying to figure out his pattern. I finally had a bet pay off and he came in with 2 other bucks just before sunrise the last week of December. As I pivoted around the tree in my saddle one of the bucks startled and he turned fully away from me. First shot was 18 yards through the spine into lungs with fixed blade broadhead. He made it 20 yards downstream and collapsed but was still alive. I put another arrow through the lungs and he scrambled another 20 yards downstream and then collapsed against a log. Since I still had a clean shot I put another arrow in him at 47 yards, this time at the base of the neck and he started spraying. He made it another 20 or so yards and collapsed on the bank for the last time.
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