photo of a deer killed by Mason Hartphoto of a deer killed by Mason Hartphoto of a deer killed by Mason Hart

Hunter: Mason Hart

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

We were on our way to our deer stand, and just as I was opening the gate into the pasture, my father noticed the buck 200 yards away. All we could see were his antlers, head and white patch under his chin. My dad cautioned me to move slowly so that I could prop my rifle on the rail of the gate so that I could peer thru my scope and take a closer look at the buck to ensure he was a shooter. He definitely was a shooter, but I couldn't get a clean/safe shot, so I eased thru the gate into the pasture as my father followed close behind. We continued to watch the buck while trying not to make any quick or noticeable movement. My eyes were focused on the buck when my father noticed that there was a doe standing within 15 yards of the buck starring directly at us. We froze in position knowing that she would definitely sound-off an alert of our presence if we moved. She slowly turned away allowing me to ease down the treeline unnoticed. I was able to gain some ground before the doe turned back and busted us. She blew twice which alerted the buck, who slowly started to walk toward the woodline 150 yards in front of me. I dropped to ground and belly-crawled so that he and the doe wouldn't notice my forward progression. I was able to crawl 50 yards to the top of the hill and got into a kneeling shooting position and tried my best to steady my rifle and control my breathing before taking my gun off safe and squeezing the trigger. I had to hold this position for what felt like 30 minutes so that I could focus and aim my crosshairs and ensure a clean/safe shot. Everything fell into place - controlled breathing, steadied the rifle, ensure that the shot was safe, and the buck provided me with a textbook shot (completely broadside). Bang!!! I raised up as my father yelled "atta boy!!" at the top of his lungs. I watched the buck scamper off with a noticeable swaying swagger. I hit him but his adrenaline carried him to the edge of the field where he jumped the barbed wire fence. My dad ran over, gave me a high five and a fist bump then hugged me tightly as he prayed over me by thanking the Good Lord for allowing us to experience this memorable hunt together. We didn't want to pressure or push the buck any further into the woods, plus we had two other hunters in the vicinity that we didn't want to disturb their hunt since there was plenty of daylight and time left to hunt. We waited a few hours before going back and searching for the buck while there was still daylight. My father found the buck 35 yards from where he entered into the woods. Together, we dragged the buck to the pasture so that I could proudly have my picture taken with him. I will never forget this hunt - not just because I was fortunate to have shot a 10-point buck, but because I was able to share it with my father. I will be forever grateful for the experience and memories made this day!!
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