photo of a deer killed by Mason Crawfordphoto of a deer killed by Mason Crawfordphoto of a deer killed by Mason Crawford

Hunter: Mason Crawford

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Camden

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

My dad dropped me off at the stand so that he could take one of my other brothers to another stand to sit with him. All evening was pretty much quiet until I saw this deer walk out of some dog fennels at the edge of the tree line about 150 yards away. He walked straight toward me for a little way until he disappeared into the planted pines and dog fennels. A few minutes later he walked out broadside about 85 yards away. I lined up and took the shot and saw him jump, so I knew I had hit him. I waited until dark until my dad came to get me. I told him I had shot a decent buck, so he called my uncle to come help look. When my uncle got there, we looked and finally found some blood where I had shot the deer, but it looked like gut blood. We looked about 20 yards into the woods following that blood until we couldn’t find any more. We stopped and backed out so that my dad could call a friend with his Blue Lacy tracking dog. I was nervous waiting on the tracking dog to get there. Once the dog got there, we went back to where I shot the deer and watched the dog immediately pick up the trail. I stayed at the Ranger while my dad, brother, and dog handler followed the tracking dog. After about 10 minutes and a 140- to 150-yard tracking job, I heard them call for me that they had found the deer. We made our way closer to them on our Rangers and then had to go in a drag the buck out. It was my first rack buck ever, and I was super excited! A big thanks to Mr. Stefan Carter and his Blue Lacy, Treble.
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