photo of a deer killed by Marvin Eavensonphoto of a deer killed by Marvin Eavensonphoto of a deer killed by Marvin Eavenson

Hunter: Marvin Eavenson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

His name is Low&Brow due to his one long brow tine. First pics of this deer last year he was spindly eight. He has put on 75 pounds of weight and 40 inches of bone. I need winds from N-NE-NW for best results. Due to wind suppose to change over weekend from South, I rushed from work and my good friend Tim and I climbed stands about 6 pm. I have been very dedicated to my scent control and it is a good thing as he came in opposite of my thoughts which was behind me and straight down wind. At 7:25 pm I heard a deer step, I knew it was close but had no idea he was 20 yards behind me. I grab my bow and just as I clipped my release I spotted him. Was waiting for him to walk by for shot when he turned off the woods road I am hunting over and presented a 15 yard hard quartering shot. As I drew, he spooked and began to lope off. After 3 loud mouth calls he stopped at 38 yards. I know my PSE Revenge well. PSE Slider sight set on 28 yards. I shoot everyday and know my bow. Being at full draw there was no time to let down and adjust sight. Held just a little high and smoked him. He was dead in 10-12 seconds. Covered about 100 yards on a death run and crashed very loudly. In fact you can see his left G4 lost about an inch of tine. Thanks to my hunting partner Tim for the recovery and drag out. Difficult uphill drag made longer due to having to circle around a very deep gully. Thanks to Ray, Lori and all PSE Staff who supported me in this endeavor. Tons of hard work scouting and feeding over last few years. Quick assessment has him abut 145" gross score.
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