photo of a deer killed by Marshall Harrisphoto of a deer killed by Marshall Harrisphoto of a deer killed by Marshall Harris

Hunter: Marshall Harris

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Wheeler

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 8)

Hunt Story

Me and my hunting buddies had been moving stands, checking cameras, and feeders all day trying to prep for the upcoming rut. I also had a friend coming up from Brunswick, Ga taking his son hunting for the first time. We worked in the food plot till about 3:30, that I ended up shooting the buck out of. We were setting up a condo stand with a tractor, and my buddy and his son were walking around the food plot talking and checking things out. About 4 pm we got back to the house, and they went hunting. About then my neighbor pulled up and wanted to sight his gun in. We helped him put a new scope on his .243 and sighted it in till about 4:45 pm. Then he asked if we were going to hunt, but acted like he wanted to talk, so we just sat on the porch and shot the breeze. About 5:25 he asked again if we were gonna hunt, I told him I might and asked my hunting buddy if he wanted to go check out the condo we just put up since he had been hunting that food plot, he said no. I said I'd go sit in it, but my gun was at the house, so my neighbor said grab that .243 you just sighted in of mine and go. So I did, work clothes on, stinking like sweat, no hat, no spray, nothing to really be hunting right. I was in the stand about 5-10 min, parked almost at my stand, when out stepped the 10-point I'd been hunting in another soybean field around the bend, for a month and half where I had all my videos and pics of him at. He'd never showed up on camera here, but it was the last place he showed up, too. Out stepped a deer, then another so I eased over to my gun. He raised his head like he saw me even though I was 225 yards away. I froze, when he put his head down, I finished getting my gun up. When I could see he had the rack I'd been hunting all season I mashed the trigger, boom! I flew down out the stand when I saw him hit the dirt. My buddy text and said did you get it? I said yes, and when I got across the field I thought I shouldn't had said that till I put my hands on him. He wasnt where I thought he was. I started to panic when I finally found him laying 20 yards from where I saw him initially. Perfect heart shot and a dream come true!!
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