photo of a deer killed by Mark Cobbphoto of a deer killed by Mark Cobbphoto of a deer killed by Mark Cobb

Hunter: Mark Cobb

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Hart

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I have been hunting this deer for 4 seasons I got my first pictures of him in 2016. I saw him in 2017 chasing 2 does but I had tagged a nice 10 pt, and let him go. He had the split tine every year so I could identify him easily. I never saw him in 2018 except trail cam pictures at night. In 2019 I saw him on the bow opener but could not get a shot he was the biggest this year and I hunted him hard and passed up many good bucks because I new he was around. I did not take a deer in GA in 2019. I got a spy cam and started getting pictures of him through the winter and spring. In early fall I stared hunting him again, I would get pictures every couple of weeks so I knew he was still around. I have been hunting every chance I got. After Thanksgiving, with no sightings, I was getting frustrated and had slowed down going as much. The last picture of him I got was on December 10. I went on the 18th and saw a bunch of does and no bucks, I knew it was going to be cold and clear on the 19th and thought I might take a doe. At 7:30 am, a small yearling doe busted out of the cover into the field, she was too small to tag so I watched her looking back and take off all of a sudden. Three bucks emerged out of the hedge and they were chasing the doe, they all went back through the hedge. I got ready and when they came back out, a broke rack buck was right on the doe. I looked across the field and standing at 175 yards, was the buck I had been hunting for so long. I had turned my scope up to 150 yards he was standing and watching the smaller bucks chase the doe. As I settled my cross hairs on his shoulder I squeezed off the X-bolt 30-06. Ice fell from the netting around the stand all over me. The deer then disappeared out of the field. The doe then runs back out and stops. The big 8 pt comes out and breeds her. First time I saw that happen in person. A heavy horn 7pt watched. After he bred her she lay down in the field and the two bucks walked toward my stand. The big buck was not out so I felt good about my shot on the buck since the 8pt bred her. I let the deer leave the field and then got down to check my shot. I walked out to the field looking for blood, as I walked the edge of the field I saw him in the hedge row. After making sure he was down I went in and finally was able to put my hands on him I called my wife and told her I got him I got him she was excited and we talked for a while. It was and still is unbelievable that I finally got my buck!
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