photo of a deer killed by Marc Passmorephoto of a deer killed by Marc Passmorephoto of a deer killed by Marc Passmore

Hunter: Marc Passmore

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Did some midday scouting and found a good fresh rub line and multiple scrapes in the area. Instead of hunting the Sportsman Condo over food plot, decided to climb up in Millennium about 20 yards inside wood line where I found the fresh rubs. I eased in the stand site about 4 p.m. and put out 4 scent wicks, 2 with golden estrus, and two with buck urine. The wind was perfect blowing into the creek bottom where the rubs started. About 5:45 p.m. I heard a limb snap and deer crunching the leaves in the hardwoods. I caught glimpse of a rack coming through the trees and knew immediately he was a shooter. He is 90 yards out and waiting for a clearing for him to walk through. Finally he is 5 steps away and as soon as he enters the clearing I take aim for his neck and squeeze off the round from Rem. 700 7mm mag. He drops like a bag of rocks! The adrenalin then kicks in and I sit there Thanking the good Lord for such a beautiful buck and a great plan that came together.
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