photo of a deer killed by Manny Kaloyannidesphoto of a deer killed by Manny Kaloyannidesphoto of a deer killed by Manny Kaloyannides

Hunter: Manny Kaloyannides

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: De Kalb

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

While some folks may think we are completely crazy to sit 20 plus feet in the air waiting on a deer in all kinds of conditions, we all know it is a gift from God to have the ability and the freedom to do so. Thank you, Jesus. I have been watching this buck for three years now, at three or four he was in the mid to high 140s (A Black and White photo attached). He presented me with several 20 +/- yard shot opportunities over the past two years, but I was hopeful that this year, being he is either 5.5 or 6.5 yrs old, that he might push out another 20 inches. He grew a little; being that he was the largest buck I was aware of and his YOY growth was minimal, he became my "one" target buck. The last picture I had of him was on September 3rd. He spent most of his time in an area that has considerable poaching pressure so I prayed many times that he was still alive. The deer in this area has two major exit routes that they primarily use to go from one block of woods to another. They will stay in these very small confined areas until pressured or pushed out. I have homeowners that allow me access to these areas and I walked them both thoroughly on Saturday the 19th until I confirmed that the buck was alive. He had relocated to an area approximately 3/4 of a mile away from where he typically lives, however, I was confident that I could push him back to his core area. I walked the area extensively touching every branch and stunk up the area by dragging a sweaty gym shirt throughout the woods on a dragline. I set up a camera, put out the fresh feed, and bingo, Sunday evening I got a picture of him. I went to the stand early on Monday afternoon, which was the first sit for this buck, as I was confident he was close by and would wander by me that afternoon. After many prayers and quiet time in the stand I recognized those 12 plus-inch tines walking through the woods, and I made what I thought was a good hit. The blood trail began at impact but then turned spotty quickly, very strange. I had my binos so I tiptoed through the woods glassing thoroughly and saw him laying down and having a difficult time keeping his head up. I backed out and went back 30 minutes later. I could see his white belly, head on the ground, and those long tines. He was dead, thank you, Jesus. I got within 25 yards and saw him breathe, I knocked an arrow and was positioning to get off a shot when he raises his head: now remember this deer is dead, head down and white belly up, he turns and looks at me, stands up and walks, well staggers away. I stood there in shock and complete disbelief so I backed out and went back Tuesday morning and recovered him. While not a giant, he grosses in the mid-'50s but more importantly a mature buck that I am so thankful to my Lord and Savior for allowing me to harvest. Hunt Hard, Shoot Straight, God Bless........
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