photo of a deer killed by Luke Zechphoto of a deer killed by Luke Zechphoto of a deer killed by Luke Zech

Hunter: Luke Zech

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

This is one for the record books of my family. This massive buck was harvested during the red moon. I was sitting in the stand watching and filming little bucks and does for my up and coming hunting show called "Walk By Faith Outdoors" when all of a sudden, about 15 minutes before dark on a cool crisp afternoon, I saw him. Coming down the hill across from the plot on which I was sitting about 150 yards away I see a deer moving, as I looked at the deer with my naked eye, I could see that it was a nice buck, it wasn't until I pulled my scope up that I could tell just how big he was! As the buck stood in the brush at 150 yards I knew that this was the moment all hunters dream about. As he closed into the food plot, he moved with a purpose as if he wasn't coming to eat but simply looking for does. As he stepped onto the outside edge of the foot plot at 120 yards I put the scope on him, stoped him, and took the "quartering towards me shot". (At about 7:15 p.m.) The deer mule kicked, and ran through he food plot and into the woods, we found blood and the trail was easy to follow for my dad that was looking for me, due to the fact that I am wheelchair bound and unable to cross rugged terrain, through the dark and thick bushes we were unable to recover the deer that night. We called a man out of Perry Ga. named Mr. Lopez (great man) (great tracking dogs). To come and help us the next day because we wanted so badly to recover this deer due to the fact that is the biggest deer anyone in my immediate family has ever killed. After he arrived, the dogs put in their work and we were able to find and recover a deer of a lifetime! (Approximately 3:30 pm). Needless to say the smile on my face was big and almost impossible to hide! I feel blessed beyond belief to have the opportunity to have harvested such an amazing Georgia buck ! God bless, and happy hunting!
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