photo of a deer killed by Luke Kendallphoto of a deer killed by Luke Kendallphoto of a deer killed by Luke Kendall

Hunter: Luke Kendall

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Luke and I climbed up at 5:45, it was hot! Luke had never taken a deer with his bow and was excited to finally get a shot. Two does walked in at around 7:15 but Luke had no interest in the does, his focus was on the 8-pointer that we had gotten on camera a couple of nights before. At around 7:30 a small 6-pointer stepped out at the end of the clearing. Luke was clearly excited not only to see the buck but also because we had pictures our coveted 8 occasionally hanging out with this particular 6. then, just like that, the 8 stepped out behind him. As they slowly made their way down the trail I had to remind Luke to breathe, he was shaking like a leaf on a tree! When the buck hit the 25 yard mark Luke delivered a lethal lung shot, bulls-eye!. The buck then ran into what seemed to be the thickest briar patch on our property. Although he only ran about 100 yards it took us a good two hours to finally recover the deer in the thick brush. We were both exited for the deer but not so excited about all of the ticks and critters that were crawling all over us. Great first buck memory to get to share with my youngest son.
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