photo of a deer killed by Luke Fulcherphoto of a deer killed by Luke Fulcherphoto of a deer killed by Luke Fulcher

Hunter: Luke Fulcher

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Jackson

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I went hunting with my dad on Christmas Eve. We were hoping that the deer were going through a secondary rut because we saw some bucks chasing does the night before. I told my dad that I wanted to hunt over the food plot because we could see a bigger are from there. When we got up that morning, we didn't have a good feeling about the hunt because the moon was almost full. When got in the stand, my dad turned on the heater. I was warming my hands over the heater when my dad said "Don't move". I always get excited when he says that. I asked him what he saw but he said he couldn't tell yet. It was still pretty dark and really foggy. I looked up and saw a deer standing under the big tree. We could see the deer and tell that it was a buck but couldn't tell how big he was. My dad told me to look through the binoculars and maybe I could tell how big he was. I told him that I forgot them. He said to try looking through my scope. So I eased my gun up and was able to see the buck. I told my dad, "It's GP"! GP is a buck that I have a bunch of trail cam pictures of. He said, "is GP a shooter"? I told him that I thought he was. Then the buck started to walk toward the woods and my dad said " you better decide quick". So I squeezed the trigger. The deer dropped right were he stood and never moved again. I was so excited! This was GP and I shot him with my brand new 30-06! And it was Christmas Eve! I wanted to run over there and see the deer but my dad made me wait. He called my papa and we told him to bring the deer toter. My dad said we would wait on papa before going over to the deer. After about 30 minutes we had a little 4-pointer come out to eat in the food plot. Something spooked him and he walked away. My papa took forever but finally came. We got up to the deer and I knew right away it was GP. My dad took a lot of pictures because my mom always makes us. It was a really great day. Maybe it was my lucky GON hat!
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