photo of a deer killed by Luke Fulcherphoto of a deer killed by Luke Fulcherphoto of a deer killed by Luke Fulcher

Hunter: Luke Fulcher

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Jackson

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

While out checking the cows with my dad, we noticed several signs that a big buck had been working the area. We found several large paw places and a cedar tree that had all been visited recently. The cedar tree was right next to one of our stands. I asked my dad if we could hunt there in the morning. He said no because we had to go to church. I asked him if we could just go for a little while. He said yes, but that we were leaving the stand at 9 a.m. no matter what. I said OK, and we hurried home to get our hunting gear ready. After going to bed early, we woke up around 5 a.m. We made it to the stand by 6 and we got settled in. We were discussing how proud we were of ourselves that for once we made it to the stand before the sun came up, when we heard something moving beneath us. We got excited for a moment until we looked down to find that our dog Shadow had followed us to the stand. We watched Shadow work the area back and forth trying to find us. My dad told me to be really still and quiet so Shadow wouldn't find us and hopefully go away. Suddenly I looked to my right and saw a doe coming in fast. Right behind her was a buck! We couldn't tell how big he was because it was still a little hard to see. When the deer saw Shadow, they turned and ran away from us. Luckily Shadow didn't chase them. My dad then stood up and yelled at Shadow to go home. We were surprised that it worked and he left. Thinking the hunt was over, we talked about getting down. We decided that it was a nice morning, and we would just sit and enjoy being in the woods together. We watched a few squirrels run around and a possum climb out of a tree. About 20 minutes later I told my dad that I saw a doe coming. Then I saw a buck! I swung my gun around so I could look at him through the scope. I said to my dad, "He's huge!" My dad was saying something, but when I saw an opening, I shot. Later I found out my dad was telling me to wait and make sure I had a clear shot. The buck didn't take another step. He dropped right there. I was so excited I just remember saying, "I got him!" My dad made me wait until my papa came before we could get down. I had no idea how big the deer was until I walked up to him. We couldn't believe how big it was. I'm glad I talked my dad into taking me hunting. ps Even though I shot the deer at 7:10 am, we were still late to church lol! Luke Fulcher, 11, shot this 8-point Jackson County buck while hunting with his dad on his papa's land.
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