photo of a deer killed by Lucas Merrittphoto of a deer killed by Lucas Merrittphoto of a deer killed by Lucas Merritt

Hunter: Lucas Merritt

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

It all began two weeks ago when I was hunting the morning hunt. I was sitting in my climber and all the sudden I heard a deer trotting throught the woods. I looked up and a buck was coming out of the hardwood bottom. As soon as he stepped into the lane I was in, he saw me and ran off. After some review of the trial cameras, I figured out that this deer was a nice 8-pointer. Two weeks later I was hunting the evening hunt and I saw a different buck chasing 2 does. The next morning hunt (11/30/2019) I was sitting there and heard this tree start to shake and I realize it's a buck making a rub but I couldn't see how big he was. After about 30 seconds I see a deer come out, but it was a doe so I waited for the buck. I got my camera on the doe for my youtube channel (Fox Den Outdoors), and then out comes the buck. I put my gun on him, and then I knew it was the same buck I had seen two weeks ago. I looked up to see where the doe was and I didn't see her. Then I saw a deer start to run and I thought it was the buck. I made a grunt with my mouth to try to stop it, but it kept going. After I made the grunt noise, I look to my right and I see that the buck was still there but looking straight at me. I knew I didn't have long until he would run off, so I put my gun on him quick and aimed where I thought I should with him quartering toward me. I took the shot, but when I did he didn't act hit and just kind of walked off, so I didn't know if it was a good hit. I waited about 45 minutes and then got down and my dad and brother met me at my stand to help me track it because I am color blind and can't see blood very good. We started looking and all we found at first was white hair, but later we found blood. Then we started to track it and found it laying about 70 yards from where I shot him.
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