photo of a deer killed by Logan McClendonphoto of a deer killed by Logan McClendonphoto of a deer killed by Logan McClendon

Hunter: Logan McClendon

Points: 8 (3L, 5R)

County: Newton

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My son had recently shot and killed his very first deer the day before and was anxious to go again. He had been asking all day to go and we finally had a chance to go back out and sit on the edge of our pasture around 5:45 in the afternoon. We sat for about 30 minutes and a small spike and several does walked into the pasture. They stayed till around 7:15 and a larger buck walked out and started fighting with the spike. After a short fight, the buck turned broadside and my 11-year-old son Logan took a 200+ yard shot and appeared to hit the nice-looking buck. The buck ran off and we waited a few minutes and walked down to check for signs of blood. We did not find a single drop of blood. We searched for about 20 minutes around the shot location and never found any signs that he hit the buck. A little discouraged, my son said that maybe he didn’t hit him but he thought it was a good shot. We started walking the direction the buck ran and after about 100 yards, I shined my light toward the woods and it reflected off the buck's eyes off in the distance. The buck was down. We got to the buck and pulled him back into the pasture where Logan could admire the 2nd deer of his young life which was a very nice-looking 8-point buck.
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