photo of a deer killed by Lisa Eavensonphoto of a deer killed by Lisa Eavensonphoto of a deer killed by Lisa Eavenson

Hunter: Lisa Eavenson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Franklin

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

MY FIRST DEER!!! I've seen several good bucks over the last couple of years but the opportunity to take the shot just hasn't happened till now. I saw this buck Friday evening but I did not feel confident in the shot, the buck was walking at an angle and I questioned myself all evening thinking, I should have tried but my husband kept telling me that was always the right answer to not shoot if I questioned it. After church on Sunday, I was back in the woods hunting the same stand watching a bunch of does, when the buck took the same path but this time, he turned and gave me a good broadside look. When I took the shot, he kicked and took off. We gave him about 30 minutes and went on the hunt. I found a blood trail and we tracked him about 75 yards where we found him in the middle of the creek. At first you couldn't even see his rack but when my husband waded out and pulled him up, I still couldn't believe I had my first BUCK! And I think he's a GOOD #1 BUCK. What do you think??? OH, BTW, the name of the creek is Hunters Creek!! They sure named it right!!!!
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