photo of a deer killed by Lilah June Smithphoto of a deer killed by Lilah June Smithphoto of a deer killed by Lilah June Smith

Hunter: Lilah June Smith

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I have killed 3 deer and this is my first buck. I have logged a lot of time in the woods this year with my mom Christie Smith and my dad Kyle Smith. I really really wanted to kill a buck and I did not care how big he was. We got in the stand that afternoon around 4:00. I was hunting with my dad, mom, and my sister Sarah. We were all in a box stand. The afternoon was looking like it was going to be slow because we had not seen anything. Well, around 5:45 my mom looked up and said "Hey, hey y'all, there is a deer in the food plot". When I looked up all I saw was horns. So definitely, I was nervous. My mom and dad helped calm me down so I could take the shot. I got the crosshairs right behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger just like I was told. "CLICK" Dad had forgotten to put a bullet in the barrel. We all panicked. My dad scrambled to load the gun while the big buck just stared us down. Finally dad got a bullet in the barrel. So I put the crosshairs back on him and squeezed the trigger again. I made a great shot. We tracked him about 80 yards. Then finally I was able to put my hands on this beautiful buck.
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