photo of a deer killed by Lexi Kiserphoto of a deer killed by Lexi Kiserphoto of a deer killed by Lexi Kiser

Hunter: Lexi Kiser

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Wilkinson

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

It was a cool Sunday afternoon. After sitting for a few hours, with my dad hunting in a stand just 20 yards behind me, together we had seen 21 deer. One button Buck, a 4-point, an 8-point, and the rest were does. I was hunting a food plot and had many does come out just feeding. 10 minutes before my shot, I heard a buck grunting in the woods nearby. A Few minutes later a little 4-point came out grunting and chasing does. He ran three of the does into the woods in front of me and just about four minutes later the 4-point came running back out. That’s when I heard a louder grunt and slowly picked up my gun looking through the scope but was unable to see from the brush being so thick. Right then, the 8-point stepped out and stood broadside at the edge of the tree line rubbing his scent glad on a tree. I got my scope on him, saw that he was a decent size 8-point and got steady, took a deep breath, and shot. My dad and I got down and started to look for him. We only found one tiny drop of blood, we walked around and my dad yelled, “Lexi, I got him”. One of many memories with my dad I will never forget! We drug him into an open trail road, snapped a few pictures and took him to a nearby processor.
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