photo of a deer killed by Lehman Nevilphoto of a deer killed by Lehman Nevilphoto of a deer killed by Lehman Nevil

Hunter: Lehman Nevil

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Candler

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I was picking cotton earlier in the day and the bolls weren’t quite open so I shut the picker down and decided I would go hunting. I hadn’t shot a buck in 4-5 years, not from not hunting, I’ve shot plenty of does but just hadn’t seen a buck that excited me enough to take. But I had heard from a friend about a huge deer in the area of a farm I acquired a few years ago. I slipped in the stand around 5:45 and got settled in. A couple bucks came in early and were feeding. A third small buck came in with a limp. Around 6:30 a couple hot does came in and the bucks that were already in the field started running and chasing them in and out of the plot. At 6:40 the deer I shot came into the plot at 20-30 yards he walked towards the back of the plot approx 50 yards giving me time to get my rifle positioned. I knew from the way he walked in I would not have much time to make the shot so I didn’t waste any time. When he came out he was walking with his butt to me and as soon as he took a left giving me shot I aimed at his neck and squeezed the trigger dropping him. (I shoot a CVA single shot .243) I immediately called my dad telling him the deer that had been rumored was for sure real followed by a similar call to my fiancé. Within minutes my mom, dad, and fiancé were in the plot to take pictures and help load him. I tagged the deer on the app before loading him. My night was filled with text and calls once the word broke that I had killed the deer that so many people had seen on camera or been told about.
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