photo of a deer killed by LeeAnn Youngphoto of a deer killed by LeeAnn Youngphoto of a deer killed by LeeAnn Young

Hunter: LeeAnn Young

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Early

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

We had seen this deer on our cameras for a couple of years, so we knew he was a mature buck. We had also been seeing him on camera this year regularly. I hunted this same stand eight times since opening day, specifically looking for this big 8, and I actually missed him on opening day when my bolt hit some small branches. I got in the stand at about 6:10 that day since it had been so hot during the day. At about 6:45, several does and young bucks came out to the feeder. Another mature buck who we named Lucky had been traveling regularly with the big 8. At about 7:35 Lucky emerged from the woods and went straight to the feeder. I watched him for a minute or two and was about to get him in the scope of my crossbow when the big 8 came into view. I quickly got him in my sights and waited. He was facing me at about 30 yards. I only watched him for about 30 seconds before I knew I could take my shot. As soon as I shot, I knew it was a kill. He ran back into the thick woods, and I got down from my stand to find the bolt. I found a good deal of blood and the bolt , which had gone all the way through and was covered in blood. I backed out to give the deer time to die. I waited about an hour and a half and came back with my husband and some friends. It only took a few minutes of following the blood trail before we found him, about 40 yards from where I had shot him.
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