photo of a deer killed by Lee Hallphoto of a deer killed by Lee Hallphoto of a deer killed by Lee Hall

Hunter: Lee Hall

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Crisp

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had seen this buck we called Sidekick on camera before season a couple times. He was coming to the same plot as the buck my 7-year-old son Wilder killed in week 5 or 6. We actually thought it may have been him he’d shot before we got to him. Well he never showed back up on my Spypoint camera until early December and I started hunting him hard for a week. I missed a good afternoon opportunity by picking the wrong stand one evening and got pictures of him prancing around my plot. The day after Christmas I got a good wind and decided to try it. I watched 4 small bucks frolic in the plot for 20 minutes and they all spooked but didn’t go far. I think this buck may have spooked them. I was trying to find and identify them all when I saw a buck in a spot where no deer had run. I got him in the binos and saw lots of horn and decided to shoot. I waited maybe a minute or two before he gave me a good shooting angle and was headed behind a tree. I slowly squeezed the trigger and nothing. I had forgotten to take my safety off. I got it off and got back on him and shot. He started walking tail down along the plot edge so I sent another American Whitetail at him with my .308. This time I saw him lay down. I got out of the stand and without checking went and got my son, brother, and a couple friends to go see what I got. We got there and it was him minus 2 kickers and a point he had broken off. He was my biggest buck to date.
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