photo of a deer killed by Layton Andersonphoto of a deer killed by Layton Andersonphoto of a deer killed by Layton Anderson

Hunter: Layton Anderson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Glynn

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

On the first Monday of rifle season, I went hunting at Paulks Pasture WMA! I walked about a mile to where I had some luck hunting last season a few times! I didn’t see anything that morning and sat until about noon. While walking out I took a different route and found some really fresh big rubs. I decided I would go back and hunt that spot to look for that deer. I met my wife in Brunswick for lunch and had about an hour to burn before having to be back home to meet the school bus. I went back and went and picked out a tree and climbed and sat until I had to go and didn’t see anything, but got the tree I wanted to climb trimmed. On November 3rd, I checked the weather and noticed that the wind was suppose to be from the northeast on the morning or the 4th, and decided I would give it a shot. My Mom And Dad were going saltwater fishing that Monday morning and my mom begged me to go, but I told her I was going after a big buck. I got there and slipped in to my tree and got my Gunslinger climber attached without making hardly any noise. The breeze was blowing perfect where I wanted it to take my Tinks! I got settled in and didn’t hear or see anything until I stood up to stretch at almost 8. When I stood up, I heard 4 or 5 grunts. I responded with my grunt call and the doe can twice. I didn’t hear any response. About 5 minutes later, a doe came running out of nowhere and stopped under my tree. She was looking and acting nervous so I figured a buck was close! She hopped out into the planted pines and I seen another deer cutting through them which I figured may be the buck. A few minutes later I heard another grunt and look around my tree to see this amazing buck at ten yards and closing. I got my gun up and had to shoot him between my top and bottom pieces of the climber and shot him at 7 steps from my tree! He turned and ran about 200 yards where I recovered him after giving him about an hour! My best WMA buck from the Southeast! God blessed me for sure!
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