photo of a deer killed by Lawson Bradshawphoto of a deer killed by Lawson Bradshawphoto of a deer killed by Lawson Bradshaw

Hunter: Lawson Bradshaw

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Lee

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My dad called from work after I had gotten out of school and asked if me and my brother if we wanted to go hunting this afternoon. It was a last minute, throw together hunt. He scooped us up at home and we hauled buggy out to the farm to meet Uncle Greg. I was going to sit by myself for the first time in a box stand down close to the creek. Dad got me set up and him and brother went to another food plot on the north end of the farm. I was in my stand reading a book when the first little yearling appeared out of nowhere after about 45 minutes. I moved to another chair in the stand where I could see better. I got situated and then out of nowhere the buck steps out and heads to the feeder. As he fed, I text my dad a picture of the buck and he said, “as long as he is bigger than the last one you shot, go ahead and bust him.” I was already settled in on my shot just waiting on the text back telling me to shoot. I got the text and I lowered the hammer. I had a 50-yard broadside shot. I dropped him in his tracks. He didn’t move a muscle. I text daddy and told him I had dropped him right where he was standing. I was so excited I had killed the biggest buck of my life!! I waited in the stand until uncle, my dad and brother got there so we could go check him out. When I walked up to him he was bigger than what I had thought. We all gave each other a hug and took some pictures. We loaded him in the truck and took him up to the cabin so my mom and sister could look at him and take some more pictures. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night. It was a great night and one I will never forget. First time sitting by myself I killed a monster.
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