photo of a deer killed by Lawrence Adamsphoto of a deer killed by Lawrence Adamsphoto of a deer killed by Lawrence Adams

Hunter: Lawrence Adams

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Coffee

Season: 2018-2019 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

It was in the middle of the day, and I was scouting for a new spot to hang my climber the first time I laid eyes on him. I made my way across the recently cleared timber, and just as I started to enter the creek where the only trees were left on the entire property, he jumped up from bedding along side another smaller buck. After my heart rate slowed, I collected my thoughts, and began looking around for sign. An hour or so into looking around, I decided to hang my stand about 50 yards from where they were bedded. He didn't show back up until about 4 hunts later with the same buck right on his tail. They came through around 7:30 in the morning, and I just so happen to be watching a squirrel that I thought could potentially be big foot, when they showed up. When I heard the first hoof step, I looked in there direction, and it was too late. He had already made his way past my only shooting lane and all I could do was grab my bow, draw back, and watch as he walked through the brush. I never poured corn out at this spot and almost did after that day in hopes that it would stop him the next time he came through. I decided not to because I didn't want deer hanging around to be spooked when going to and from my stand. The following Saturday was opening day of rifle season. I put the bow down, grabbed my rifle, and went to a different spot. The better half talked me out of hunting the following Sunday morning because she was tired of waking up at 4:00. I gave in and waited until that afternoon. As soon as I made it to my climber, i ran off a deer, so after climbing up and getting situated, i broke out the rattle bag at an attempt to make any other deer in the area think that bucks fighting, instead of me, was what spooked the deer. After about an hour or more of sitting there, here comes a doe. She comes from my left side in no hurry and as soon as she makes it directly behind me she spins around and takes off in the direction she came from. I didn't know what was going on until I heard the steps. I get turned around, as slowly and quiet as possible, and there he is. In no hurry, he makes his way to my shooting lane. I grab my bow, draw back, and wait for what seems like forever. When he finally makes it, I let out a mouth grunt that freezes him. I let an arrow fly, and swack. I drilled the biggest deer I have ever taken with my bow! I get down, locate the blood, and then head home for help. We returned about an hour later giving him time to die. The Rage done its job, and it didn't take but about 10 minutes to find him.
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